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Citizens Housing & Planning Council (CHPC) has launched a data portal to provide clarity about the impact and trade-offs of prevailing wages on affordable housing.

Public policy should be clear about the problem it intends to solve, and how it will address the problem, with data to back it up. This is why CHPC created the prevailing wage data portal; to provide clarity about the challenges, benefits, and trade-offs involved in prevailing wages policies for affordable housing construction.

Data will be updated continually as our research progresses!

In 2008, CHPC published a report examining the impact of prevailing wage regulations on affordable housing in New York City. The report, called Prevailing Wisdom, scrutinized the implications on housing supply, affordability, government subsidy, racial equity, worker safety and housing quality. In 2019, prevailing wages are once again a central topic in New York City and New York State, so CHPC is taking another look at the latest policy thinking on this topic.

Prevailing Wage in the News
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Opinion: Will Prevailing Wage Legislation Help or Hurt Communities of Color?

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Opinion: A price we can’t afford: Requiring affordable housing projects to pay prevailing wage would hurt New Yorkers who badly need help

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Former housing commissioners warn about cost of prevailing wage

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